Radiation expertise for dentists and orthodontists,
level TMS Tandheelkunde Basis

This training is intended for dentists who had obtained their diploma in a country outside of the European Economic Region (EER), run treatments in The Netherlands and don’t have a Dutch Government accepted diploma radiation expertise.

This course acquires these dentists the prescribed radiation expertise for independent justification of radiographs or acting as a responsable radiation expert for the dental practice.

The training provides knowledge about radiation protection within the dental radiology, as well as knowledge of the most recent laws and regulations in The Netherlands. After completing the course you can assess whether your practice meets the requirements, and you will have the knowledge to correct any shortcomings within the practice.

The following topics are covered:
  • Physical aspects of x-radiation
  • Radiological quantities and units
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Dutch laws and regulations
  • ALARA, optimization and justification
  • Radiation protection to patients, employees, visitors and environment
  • Quality assurance and improvement (including requirements at the dental practice)

Duration of the course
Day course from 9.00 am till 5.30 pm.

Course requirements
Participants need to have a (foreign) dental diploma.

Sentix organises this course on individual request only. Please contact us for more information.